Right/left, east/west and other confusions


Imaginary clocks also help to avoid tragic confusions like these:


In Taipei, a pilot confused the runways 5R and 5L:

83 passengers died.


source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Airlines_Flight_006


The Costa Concordia catastrophe was caused by a right/left confusion during only 8 seconds. The capitan gave instructions in Italian language (destra/sinistra), the steerman was an Indonesian.

cc The evacuation was another catastrophe, caused by the actual poor addressing system, see www.volksnav.de/evacuation


The next picture may be shocking but helps to understand that the same could concern YOUR eyes, YOUR lungs etc.



Confusing signage

On emergency cases, should we run ahead, behind, downstairs or upstairs?

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Magic roundabout in Swindon/England