QuoVides® - the enlargement of your horizon

QuoVides® is a physical and/or mental orientation tool which can be used for the following applications

- as an adhesive on maps that have been fixed vertically although the mapped ground lay horizontal 

. as a north-based  quantification of view, walk, drive or flight directions 

- on post cards and photos, 

- on posters, 

- on indoor and outdoor signage as shown right hand. 

- on side views of drawings  

- on panorama viewsselect last image below / right hand ) 

- on monitor cameras, e.g. for traffic monitoring

- as the actual view, walk, drive or flight direction on navigation devices, mobile phones, compasses etc.


 Qui bono?     Whom is QuoVides® good for? For you, of course. For more information please click  here 

Did you know that?

Christusstatue / Rio de Janeiro QuoVides 3     ( looks to sunrise)
Sphinx   QuoVides 3     (looks to sunrise)
Statue of Liberty / New York QuoVides 5