Today's cartography: less reference to the reality


First question: Where is north? 

According to the map, north is "above", consequently south must be "below". Can it be? 

North must be a cardinal point in front, behind, left hand or right hand, correct? 

Second question: markingIs this symbol a good orientation tool:?     


Third question: Do you consider the following information as helpful?


Besides of the strangeness for average people, these numbers show the incredible:precision of NANOMETERS !! [*] One degree = about 100km = 10^5 meters, that means, already the 5th digit after the point, e. g. 47.00001, indicates a precision in a range of some meters. The picture shows 15 digits after the point.

Fourth question: what about other alternative location codes?


The real message of this map is: ARCHEOLOGISTS WILL FIND YOU HERE.


How is it possible to combat such poorness? Starting with a simple standard circle and the capability to read a clock.