Click, doubleClick or tap a point on map to know the metrical position code of that point.

The convention is:

StatusQuo(c) prefix of a position code The global pole can be the Umbiculus Urbis in Rome (navel of the world)
m12 basic horizon hour from global pole to north, m3 to east etc.
number after
the " : "
horizon minutes distance to the horizon hour, in steps of 1 km
The blue lines show m9:1000 and m3:1000 minutes
r... radius distance to the global pole, in steps of 1 km
The green lines show
r5000, r10000 and r15000

This map converts lat/lon to WatchRose(c) on a simplified mode, tolerable for radius < 10 km. For a professioal conversion, put lat/lon in a URL like