UN Geographical Information Working Group UNGIWG

10th plenary meeting Oct. 19th-20th 2009 

presentation United Orientations PPT    

presentation United Orientations PDF

some responses

forget lat/lon UNSDI_NCO:http://twitter.com/UNSDI_NCO

Innovation in orientation HUNAGI  Geospatial Hungary  



Logical meeting addresses

          today's (poor) orientation tools  

A) General convention,      example   m4:13 r88

- StatusQuo© Bonn ...

- WatchRose©

prefix where you are / where we are in Bonn

where you are / where we are on globe

m12 basic horizon hour from a global/urban/indoor pole to north
m4:13      horizon minutes = 13 distance to the horizon hour m4 = 13 km/100m/10m/1m
r88 radius distance to the center = 88 km/100m/10m/1m
VolksNav© local navigation m-comparison: must I go to later (clockwise) or to earlier?

r-comparison: must I go inwards or outwards?


B) global, urban and indoor addresses                

Global      www.tinyURL.com/UNmapplet Bonn 


m1:18 20 r60 65

Köln-Bonn airport


m1:18 05  r60 65

distance airport-Bonn:

1820 - 1805 = 15 km to later


Urban   www.tinyURL.com/BonnMapplet


StatusQuo© Bonn m0 Köln-Bonn airport

StatusQuo© Bonn

m12:10 r165

distance airport-UNOOSA:

165 x 100m  inwards

and in direction south

Indoor www.tinyURL.com/LangerEugen


Conference room


Langer Eugen m10



LangerEugen m1:3 r13