VolksNav in Iran: starting with urban radius r100

Circles r100 are the reference for location codes which look like this example:

Azadi tower StatusQuo Teheran m9:15 r77

Such codes make more sense than postcodes can be used for buildings, stations, crossings, stop points, bridges etc. The conventions for this format with hours, minutes and radius are as follows:

prefix of a location code

Bases on a relevant point called r0, the urban pole.

basic horizon hour

This is the direction from urban pole to north. m3 will be to east, m6 to south etc.

This method divides the city like a cake into 12 sectors.

number after the " : "
horizon minutes

distance to the horizon hour,

in steps of 100 meters.


This is the distance to the pole, in steps of 100m.

The small red circles show "CityName r100" = 10km radius.

The map also shows circles with 100 km and 1.000 km radius around Isfahan, proper for the definition of province and/or national codes for cities, crossings, bridges etc...

Urban systems, including National Code (example based on Isfahan):

city sector minutes [km] radius (km)
Isfahan m0   r0
Sari m12 :125 r455
Gorgan m12 :252 r530
Rizad_e_Mayam m1 :35 r185
Moalleman m1 :82 r390
Sabzevar m1 :265 r680
Bojnurd m1 :158 r745
Tabas m2 :145 r500
Birdshand m2 :315 r705
MESHHAD m2   r833
Yazd m3 :80 r265
Kerman m3 :255 r578
Zabol m3 :140 r945
Zahedan m3 :315 r945
Saravan m3 :550 r1180
Rafsandjan m4   r480
Bam m4   r750
Bandar Abbas m4 :295 r753
Tshahbahar m4 :225 r1195
Shiras m5 :95 r350
Kangan m5 ::240 r535
Kish m5 :140 r715
Borazjan m6 :45 r378
Mahshar m7 :90 r330
Ahvaz m8 :20 r318
Chorramabad m9 :100 r322
Kermanshah m9 :200 r465
Zanjan m10 :255 r532
Marivar m10 :40 r600
Baneh m10 :75 r650
Täbris m10 :305 r776
Urmia m10 :200 r810
Maku m10 :350 r980
Ghom m11 :50 r235
TEHERAN m11 :155 r340
Andisheh New Town m11 :122 r345
Karaj m11 :125 r360
Lahidshan m11 :130 r530
Ahar m11   r770

These codes harmonize with codes for crossings, bridges, road exits, mines, oilfields etc.


The division of the horizon into 12 directions can also be used global or indoor, example:

Täbris bazar:

r1 unity = 1 meter