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between        Henrique Köhler

                    Osterwaldstr. 69a

                    80805 München / Germany,           the  l i c e n s o r


                    represented by

                                                                          the  l i c e n s e e.




During a diploma thesis at the Munich Technical University in 1977, the licensor has discovered a fundamental error on the signage: the absence of indication of cardinal points, consequently the unnatural requirement of transfers within the left brain hemisphere. Based on unnumberable surveys and interviews in two continents, the licensor has developed a range of orientation methodes for car drivers, pedestrians, passengers, visitors of exhibitions, shopping centers, buildings, parks etc. These methodes require merely the knowledge of one or more master directions and the natural position indication on target locations and on intermediary points as crossings, bus stops, etc. As the system uses the imagination power of the user, it requires considerably less signage and simplifies the cartography.


The developed system is a comprehensive collection of intellectual works composed by symbols, pictograms, identification numbers and letters, brand names, learning concepts, markings, signage, labelling, descriptions, methodes, electronic/non-electronic displays, algorithms etc., which are specified in attachment according the special requirements of the licensee.


The system is a collection of intellectual works that allow several commercially usable applications, also in electronics, such as:


- Honestly®, stepless tariff system with special measures against clandestinity and falsification,

- display of natural position indications StatusQuo© on navigation devices, mobile phones, watches etc.

- NorthSound©, OrientSound© acoustic pointers in shopping centers, busses, road entrances etc. for persons with / without visual handicaps

- north light©  solar driven light as north pointer for signage on roads and highways  

- Natural Cartography© acc. to www.volksnav.com/map

- Natural World Co-ordinates / City Codes acc. to www.watchrose.com



The technical parts of the system, the designs and the utility models have been registred at the Deutsches Patentamt under the codes  296 09 878.7, 196 43139.5-35, 197 16097.2, 299 04 418.1, 498 12 675.7, 499 07103.4, 202 06 031.4 and 203 17 279.5. Due to the wide range of the agreement subject, the system also has copyright protections similar to franchising agreements. The brand name of the whole system is Munich Orientation Convention. The internet domains 

www.follow-m.com    and  de, 

www.quovides.com  and .de 

www.volksnav.com   and  .de

www.watchrose.com   and   .de 

are registred and in use for the present purpose. Articles on newspapers and TV as well as a comprehensive correspondence attest the popularity of the invention by authorities in Brazil, Germany and other countries.


Due to his knowledge about the orientation relevant processes in both brain hemispheres, his discovery and further line of investigations of weak points on actual signage, his development of patentable alternative solutions based on revolutionary ideas, his skill and his experience, the licensor has acquired a fame to be an expert on the human orientation field.


At the moment, only the inventor/licensor is authorized to issue licences for use, production and sales about any element of the system.

The licensee plans to use the system for orientation and internal purposes, possibly in connection with advertisement for third parties.

 §1 – Extention of license / exclusivity


This agreement authorizes to use the the orientation system with ( without ) exclusivity within the territory specified in §4.


§2 – Obligation to use


There is at no time any obligation to use the full range of the possibilities granted by the agreement.  


§3 - Sublicences                     


The licensee is not authorized to transact sub-licences, assignments, transfers of rights etc. 


§4 – License territory


This licence authorizes to take benefit of the system within the territory of  …..  There are no territorial limitations for publications.


§5 - Cooperation


Due to the extraordinary subject of the invention, both parties commit each other to a tight cooperation, specially concerning the exchange of actual information. The licensor commits to cooperation regarding the development of descriptions, the initial instruction of the licensee’s employees, the creation of standard learning exercises, the communication with the media and other activities for the best acceptance by the users.

The licensor commits to install an information system via internet about the state of the system and with a complete list of all licensees. This commitment particularly ensures the rights of all licensees and sublicensees concerning secondary ideas in accordance with §9.

The licensee will report every 6 months details about the utilization of the system, specially naming all users within his activity area.


§6 – Advertisement purposes of the licensee


If correct, the licensee is authorized to announce that his corporation is the world’s first (second, thirth ) one, that offers the concerning natural orientation means.



§7 – Enhancements and alterations


In order to achieve a worldwide standard, all licensees have automatically and with no additional payment the right to use any enhancements and alterations of the system.



§8 –Remarks about protection status /  Defense of protection status


The licensee commits to take care that all installed elements of signage contain good readable brand names, copyright remarks and/or at least an indication to the home page www.volksnav.com. All publications must contain information that ensures unequivocally the requirement of a licence agreement. 

In order to accomplish this purpose, the licensee commits to send all trial signage products and descriptions to the licensor soliciting approvals in writing and commit to trade only with corporations listed in www.volksnav.com/license.

(clarify: registration within territory)

§9 Joint ownership in case of secondary ideas


If the licensee develops secondary ideas which are new and can be useful for other licensees, e. g. a more efficient way to install the signage or an attractive design, the licensee will automatically be joint owner of these ideas and has thus the right to participate on the additional business.


If the case arises, a detailed agreement should be established as an annex to this agreement. In case of ideas emerging from licensee’s employees, the directives for internal inventions will apply.



§10 – Responsabilities of the licensor


The licensor is commited to

- define the centering position of all imaginary clocks in cities, buildings etc.

- define master position codes StatusQuo©  and WatchRose©

- respect licensee’s exclusivity acc. to §1 and co-ownership acc. to §9

- cooperation and maintaince of an information system acc. to §5


§ 11 – Responsabilities of the licensee


The responsabilities of the licensee are:

     -        payment of the fees acc. to § 13,

-        to comply with the protection measures acc. to §8     (registrations)

-        to inform about the utilization of the system every 6 months acc. to §5

-        only to maintain a business connection with companies, which use or want to use elements of this system, which are listed in www.volksnav.com/license.

-        to solicit an approval by the licensor for every new design or text for signage, instruction manuals etc.  


§12 – Duration of agreement


The present agreement will be valid immediately after the receipt of the start up fee acc. to § 13, confirmed by the licensor, Due to the extraordinary subject, this agreement has no limitations concerning a duration time.


§13 – Licence fees


The license fees are:


Start up fee                                                                ................


Monthly flat fee                                                       ..................


Participation on advertisement                           … % of the transaction volume



§14 Alterations of the agreement


The present agreement can anytime be alterated if both parties agree with.



§15 - Penalties      



Both parties agree upon following penalties: 


          EUR …      

for each violation of the present agreement on the part of the licensee

          EUR …      

for each violation of the present agreement on the part of the licensor




§16 – Court of jurisdiction          


 The court of jurisdiction is München


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place and date of issue                                        signatures