Apps for children, the blind, those who can't read maps etc.

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VolksNav makes StreetSmart - 500 cities incl. Oktoberfest

1 - logical location codes as text (audio for the blind) for 500 cities, automatic switching to the nearest one

2 - text indication for north direction (audio for the blind), two variants.

3 - text indication for direction to center of town (audio for the blind)

4 - compass image with division of the horizen into 12 instead of 360 directions-

5 - kilometrical search grid, radius < 10km

6 - pictogram indicating the direction to center of town

7 - view direction on map as human pictogram instead of arrow.

8 - Oktoberfest as indoor example, automatic switching on site

9 - possibility to build own "clocks": enter coordinates or confirm "here".

10 - definition of location codes accuracy 1km / 100m (default) / 10m / 1m

11 - abundant aleatory geocaching exercises

12 - Android only: display of target location codes by clicking/tapping on map

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Munich indoor

same features as VolksNav, only Munich and following indoor targets:

Wiesn, Domagkpark, Werkquartier, Tollwood, Olympiapark, TUM Garching, Tierpark, Kreativquartier, Allianz Arena , Uni Bundeswehr, Stachus , Siemens Perlach, Prinz Eugen Park, Westpark, MohrVilla, Südfriedhof, Nordfriedhof, Viktualienmarkt, Labyrinth ExOrnamentis

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VolksNav in Cameroon

VolksNav en Cuba

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VolksNav makes StreetSmart