Natural Cartography

The Natural Cartography© allows to read and memorize target directions without the imperative involving of the left brain hemisphere..  

The convention for this invention is as follows: 

Around a centrum m0, the horizon is divided in 12 directions m1 to m12, whereas m12 points to north. 


These directions are called horizon hours and are divided in horizon minutes, as a distance (not as an angle!) to the horizon hour. The convention is simply:

      the greater, the later.         

for example    m3:8    is later than     m3:4

Considering the distance to m0 - the radius -, logical position codes StatusQuo© for targets, crossings, stations etc. come into existence, e. g.

      StatusQuo© m4:6 r18


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The characteristics of such innovation are: 

- allows to find target on maps like on reality. : if you imagine to look outwards, right hand will be "to later" (clockwise)

- square grids, indexes and scale indications become   o b s o l e t e.

- allows to address targets outside of the map, e. g. m6 r30 on map above.

- makes smarter: animates to build target angles by quantification of the horizon in 12     (instead of 8, 10, 16 or 360)      directions, see

- allows to read position codes StatusQuo© which can appear on navigation aids including mobile phones and on signage as a target code, crossing code, station code etc.

- usage indoor, outdoor and global, see, resulting on natural world co-ordinates which are adequate for a worldwide reform of the postal codes.

- covers a gigantic market gap:    logical and easy understandable position codes

- this simple grid change eliminates weakpoints described on Toxic Mapstargetgroup