The War of Standards: alternatives to post codes, lat/lon, "here"



OpenLocationCode / plus code

Google, free


Toronto based, free ***)

Ottawa based, free

what3words ***)

UK based, proprietary


mapcode TomTom, Nokia etc., free free

Maydenhead Locator System / QTH

amateur radio / ham radio

xaddress Paraguay based, free
eLoc/ mapMyIndia

digital door number

Hyderabad based, proprietary Bangalore based
OkHi Nairobi based
edress Lebanon based

Q-codes Belgium based, proprietary

UBER Engineering,

hexagones / free

others, incl. Munich Orientation Convention ISO TC 211
and many other reinventions of the (squared?) wheel

Just one wheel is round, metrical, local, divides the horizon into 12 consumer friendly directions and has all characteristics to be a standard for orientation purposes.

Case-by-case licensing with symbolical fees.

Remark: If the system would be uncontrolled open, immediatly hundreds of "better" standards would arise