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As a german-brazilian inventor, I've developed a natural orientation system which can simplify and harmonize indoor and street signage, cartography, postal codes, navigation devices and verbal expressions all over the world.

The gigantic market gap was:

-    a simple answer to the simple question “where?”

e. g. where is Ghana?  Where is Accra? Where is Queen rd.? Where is 50829? Where is room 666?   

Please confirm yourself: according to Turismo / Pontos Turisticos,

touristic points in Manaus/Brazil are addressed with this Munich Orientation Convention. Just using the imagination power and knowing instructions like EncontroDasAguas it is possible to deduce HERE where these points THERE are. This is not a “nice to have” but a quantum jump, a better life quality which also makes smarter and helps to reduce the signage, road accidents and panic in buildings.

Searching for "turismo" within a specified area, the same attractions described on ManausOnline will be listed.

Concerning cartography, this innovation can be realized by a simple change of the location grid: from a square to a quasipolar one. 

This convention will also be helpful indoor, see DeutschesMuseum   airportMUC 

According to watchrose  and UNmapplet, this system allows to build natural world co-ordinates and international City Codes, in harmony with the cartography, electronics and to a numbering of road exits, bridges etc. See also Qingdao

All position codes can be converted from geographical co-ordinates, see mobile and the following smartphone apps for the blind and those who can't read maps: