.                       - first concept -

Teheran metro with logical station codes, 

For better overview, names are ommited 



Normal format for position codes:      

     StatusQuo(c) Teheran m1:40 r93

m... = horizon hour,

letter "m" comes from Munich Orientation Convention

m12 = north direction, starting from pole m0

m3 = east, m6 = south etc. 

 ... :40 horizon minutes = 40 x 100 meters "later"

radius in steps of  100 meters / 100 yards / 1 block of houses

Simplified format without "minutes":   m6: r63


StatusQuo© addresses will be indicated on so-called Orientators©, the signage of the future: 

Vertical Pointing©: additional to the position information, a round symbol called center or pole pointer will be placed on their periphery to allow to detect the direction m0  according to the following conventions: 


if the pointer is placed on top m0 will be in front of you
  on bottom   behind
  right hand   right hand

etc. Acc. to the same convention, a square symbol points to north = m12. 

The picture above reveils: m12 is behind, the pole is right hand . 


Navigation / VolksNav©:

The local navigation with the help of such codes is called VolksNav©. As proceeded today with house numbers, VolksNav© is nothing else than the major/minor comparison between "r" and "m" values: 

Simply proceed according to 1 -2 -3 : 





Turn your body until m0 will be BEHIND. In this position, 

ahead will be outwards
right hand " to later (clockwise)
left hand " to earlier


Beginners have to turn physically, after some exercises anyone will be able to do this by his imagination power. In case you look at above shown Orientator©, you'd have to turn to left, correct? 




Ask yourself:         

must I move inwards or outwards? 

 ( = is the target radius greater or smaller than the actual one?)




Ask yourself:      

must I move to “later” (clockwise) or to earlier?  

( = is the target m later or earlier than the actual one?)