Learning by doing - at home !


1 - Copy and print this image, form a cube as shown right hand and put it on a table.

2 - Imagine that your orientation collapsed completely. The only reference to the reality is ANY SIDE of this cube. Any side is an Orientator©.

3 - Do the following exercises:

A - egocentrical world - answer to WHERETO?


Remark: Only the peripheral information of the cube is needed.

A1 - Vertical Pointing©

You are the centre of a clock on reality AND on each cube side. The square symbol is a north pointer, the round one the center pointer.

- The horizon convention is: f12 is in front of you, f3 right hand etc.

- The placement convention is: if the symbol is placed below (f6), the direction which belongs to this symbol is behind (f6).

A1a - Basing on the north pointer, extend an arm to north ( = m12 )

A1b - Quantify this direction with the f-clock tool ( f12 = in front of you )

A1c - quantify this direction with the m-clock tool ( m12 = north )


A2a - Basing on the center pointer, point to the center of town ( = m0 )

A2b - quantify this direction with the f-clock

A2c - quantify this direction with the m-clock

A3 - confirm that the pointing answers are identical for all 4 view directions.

A4 - Basing on the convention QuoVides® 12 = view to north, confirm that this text information has the same value than the north pointer image: if you know your QuoVides®, you know the other 11 directions.

B - exocentrical world - answer to the question WHERE?


Now we use the core information of the cube sides, the position code, also called location code.

The center of the imaginary clock is now outside of your body..

The convention for locatioon codes is:

m12 = from the center of town to north (basic direction for "horizon hours") etc.

r... = radius = distance to the centre in steps of 100m

m4:3 = direction m4 + horizon minutes = 3 x 100m "later" than m4

B1 - VolksNav©

Basing on the logical position code StatusQuo©, point to the following target points:

- m0

- m4:3 r15

- m3 r16

- m4:5 r16

- m10 r2

B2 - confirm that the answers are identical for all 4 view directions of the cube.

B3 - repeat B1, this time answer the question WHERETO with the egocentrical f- and m-clocks.

Remark: the north pointer is also a "map-above" pointer. If for example the north pointer was placed on position f4, so you have to turn the map clockwise 4 "hours", so the cardinal points on map and on reality will be identical.