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Digital addressing in Cameroon, based on the Munich Orientation Convention



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Among many benefits, the Convention allows to build national location codes formed by prefix, hours, minutes and radius.

They are easier to imagine than post codes or other alternatives and look like these examples:

StatusQuo CM m8 r205 (Kribi) StatusQuo CM m8:7.33 r205.777

These targets could be a town, a building, a crossing, a stop point, a bridge, a tree etc. within Cameroon.

The Convention is as follows:

StatusQuo CM
prefix of a location code

Bases on an relevant point called CM r0, the national pole.

Example place A. Ahidjo in Yaounde

basic horizon hour

This is the direction from CM r0 to north.

CM m3 will be to east, CM m6 to south etc.

These direction lines divide the nation like a cake into 12 unequal m-sectors.

For example, Kribi is situated on sector m8.

number after the

" : "

horizon minutes

This is simply the distance to the horizon hour

1 unity = 1 km


This is the distance to CM r0.

1 unity = 1 km.

The red circle on map addresses all objects situated in a distance of 100 km to CM r0.

The blue area on sector CM m1 shows a quad 100 x 100km .

The bended sides "point" to the national pole CM r0.

Adding a fourth element, it is possible to define the elevation. The element will have the prefix "e" as elevation/etage or "u" as underground.