VolksNav(c) in Bangangté

Click or doubleClick a point on map to know the logical indoor or urban address of that point

The convention for urban position codes is:

StatusQuo(c) Bangangté prefix of a position code The urban pole is this point
(Marie crossing? Other?)
m12 basic horizon hour from urban pole to north, m3 to east etc.
number after the " : " horizon minutes distance to the horizon hour, in steps of 100 meters
The blue lines on grid show :50 minutes
r... radius
distance to the urban pole, in steps of 100m.
The red circle shows r100 = 10km.

This map converts lat/lon to StatusQuo(c) on a simplified mode, tolerable for radius < 10 km. For a professional conversion, see VolksNav.com/mapplet

The division of the horizon into 12 directions can also be used global or indoor.

hv Example Hotel de Ville, i unity = 1m